I know I have not updated my page in a while, but here is a look at one of my most recent paintings. It is a portrait of me as a child being held by my father.

As you can probably see from the examples of my work I just love painting people. I dislike having to categorize myself as a painter but I guess my style is situated somewhere in between realism and impressionism and surrealism – or you could call it hyper-realism..or magic realism. I strive to capture something that is more real and tangible than just depicting reality. I believe that a photograph can never truly capture the richness of a painting.

To me it is both very hard and challenging to try to recreate someone’s personality and presence within a canvas, but it is a very rewarding process. It is even more of a challenge if the subject of my creative endeavours is someone in my own family or a close friend.

If you are interested in having a portrait done of yourself or someone else, feel free to contact me on my email:

I have had a few commissions over the past couple of months which is why I have not updated my fairytale series, but I will definitely remedy that situation in the near future.