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Here you will find the latest news and updates about my artwork.

My Little Wolf Girls

Call of the Wild Posted on Sun, October 13, 2013 20:37:39

Here’s a look at some of the new paintings from the show Call of the Wild.

Beholden to my Beast

The Howling

Lonely Wolf Girl

To view larger versions of these images please visit my online gallery via my website:
Or simply click on the image and view it on my Flikr page.
I will post more about the thought and process behind these images soon.

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild Posted on Sun, October 06, 2013 17:13:46

A new show is coming up! On Friday the 11th of October at 16-19pm at Gallery Oxholm in Copenhagen.

Here’s a link to the gallery’s homepage and their facebookpage where you can find more information about the gallery and the new show:

The gallery’s homepage

The gallery’s facebookpage

Gallery Oxholm has three different showrooms; Hall, Room and the main showroom with 2 floors. This means that three or more artists usually have an exhibition at the same time. I’m sharing this opening with two other really great artists – Rama King Nash and Felix Aftene.
So if you are coming to the opening on Friday or in the following weeks, you’ll get a very diverse and artful experience. Friday the 11th is also Kulturnat (culture night) in Copenhagen which means that there’s lots of other fun, interesting cultural events in the mix.

Here’s a look at one of my new pieces from the show. I call it Spirits in the Wires

There’s a lot more new artwork to come, so be sure to visit my page soon and I hope to see you at Gallery Oxholm on Friday:)