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Stories from the Sea Posted on Mon, August 17, 2015 18:29:51

Here’s a look at a huge painting I did some time ago.
It is inspired by old Scandinavian and Islandic legends of mysterious creatures called Draugr.

A Draugr is a sort of ghost or revenant that exists either by the ocean or on land – usually it is an undead creature that protects a treasure or comes back from beyond the grave to exact revenge on the living.
I wanted my painting to evoke a dream-like quality and an air of longing. A sort of siren-call from the edge between dream and reality.

It took all summer to paint this one and there were a lot of times that I pondered the irony of being stuck painting an ocean instead of spending time in the real thing. But there were times late at night where I felt the painting come alive and that always makes all of the isolation and hard work worth it.

If I get the opportunity I will definitely post some better photos of it. It is as I mentioned quite big (150×200 cm) and there’s a lot of detail that might get lost in this small photo.
But if you click on the image you will be able to see a slightly bigger version on my Flikr page.
Hope you like it!



Interview Posted on Sun, November 17, 2013 16:20:58

Here is an interview that blogger Rhônya Holman did about me. It is about my life as an artist, my inspirations and aspirations, my thoughts about art and the creative process.
I think she did a marvelous job of coming up with some great questions that really made me think about my artwork and my creative journey.

Have a great Sunday and enjoy my ramblings about art:)

My Little Wolf Girls

Call of the Wild Posted on Sun, October 13, 2013 20:37:39

Here’s a look at some of the new paintings from the show Call of the Wild.

Beholden to my Beast

The Howling

Lonely Wolf Girl

To view larger versions of these images please visit my online gallery via my website:
Or simply click on the image and view it on my Flikr page.
I will post more about the thought and process behind these images soon.

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild Posted on Sun, October 06, 2013 17:13:46

A new show is coming up! On Friday the 11th of October at 16-19pm at Gallery Oxholm in Copenhagen.

Here’s a link to the gallery’s homepage and their facebookpage where you can find more information about the gallery and the new show:

The gallery’s homepage

The gallery’s facebookpage

Gallery Oxholm has three different showrooms; Hall, Room and the main showroom with 2 floors. This means that three or more artists usually have an exhibition at the same time. I’m sharing this opening with two other really great artists – Rama King Nash and Felix Aftene.
So if you are coming to the opening on Friday or in the following weeks, you’ll get a very diverse and artful experience. Friday the 11th is also Kulturnat (culture night) in Copenhagen which means that there’s lots of other fun, interesting cultural events in the mix.

Here’s a look at one of my new pieces from the show. I call it Spirits in the Wires

There’s a lot more new artwork to come, so be sure to visit my page soon and I hope to see you at Gallery Oxholm on Friday:)

The Big Opening

High on Lowbrow Posted on Sun, November 04, 2012 15:09:38

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

Here are some photos from yesterdays opening of High on Lowbrow at Galerie Wolfsen in Aalborg.
As I had to try to shed some of my shyness and actually talk to people – I unfortunately didn’t have a lot of opportunities to document the event. But luckily the gallery had a photographer on the scene who captured the entire event. I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing a few pics, to give you an impression of that wonderful day.

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

A view from outside

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

Notice the little red dot in the left corner? 😀

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

Mmmmm….popcorn machine

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

Art brings joy, beer and wine help too.

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

Enthusiastic art-aficionado:-D

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

The lovely Anja Altenburg Laursen

Photo by Peter G Christiansen

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen


Photo by Peter G. Christensen

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

German artist Thomas Behling posing with his piece
‘We love german weapons’

Closer look at before mentioned piece..

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

Artist Hans Henrik Fischer

Painting by Hans Henrik Fischer

Photo by Peter G. Christiansen

Various awesome monsters by Danish artist and animator Tor Fruergaard


Two wonderful drawings by Jack Lind
‘Im right behind you’ and ‘Low Buoyancy’

Wooden sculpture carved from a single piece of wood
by Italien artist Leo Demetz

Lisa Black’s dark and beautiful creations – I love them!


One more Lisa Black.

Hanging out with the Foxy Ladies

‘The Taste’ painting by Volcano

‘Maria Verkündigung’ Thomas Behling

Artwork by Klaus Gjørup

Artist Anja Altenburg Laursen (double)posing with her painting

‘Innocent when you dream’ by Anja Altenburg Laursen

‘China Doll’ by Anja Altenburg Laursen

Painting by Spanish artist Joseba Eskubi

That’s all for now folks – but I hope you get a chance to see this show in person. It’s a spectacular mix of different artists who share a love for the power of dreams and the charm of all things peculiar.

The exhibition will continue to the 24th of November, admission is free.

Exhibition at Galerie Wolfsen

High on Lowbrow Posted on Thu, November 01, 2012 12:26:29

This Saturday (the 3rd of November) the new exhibition at Galerie Wolfsen opens.
It’s gonna be quite a show with lots of different artist from Denmark and the international art scene.
The show is called ‘High on Lowbrow’ – and if you’re wondering what ‘lowbrow’ means I can explain;

Lowbrow is a term used to describe surrealistic art, so the show itself is actually a celebration of this genre in all it’s wonderful forms.

It’s a two-part show encompassing a solo exhibition of Danish artist

Anja Altenburg Laursen

And a group show consisting of:

Andrea Wany Sergio (Italy)
Thomas Behling (Germany)
Lisa Black (New Zealand)
Joseba Eskubi (Spain)
Hans Henrik Fischer
Leo Demetz (Italy)
Volcano (Germany)
Tor Fruergaard
Klaus Gjørup

Myra Sjöberg

The Opening of the exhibition is as mentioned this Saturday from 11.00am-16.00pm

Here’s a video-teaser from Wolfsen:

Hope to see you all there! And if you can’t attend the opening the show will continue to the 24th of November.

More information at

Under my Skin

Fem Femme Fatales Posted on Mon, October 29, 2012 16:59:00

This is the latest painting in the Femme Fatales series.
It was inspired by the Japanese and Chinese myths of fox spirits known as the Kitsune or the Huli Jing.

They sort of snuck into my mind, because I somehow kept reading about them in different contexts – so when I was trying to assemble different types and takes on the classic femme fatale I felt like they would make an interesting addition.
And as I mentioned in my previous post, they share some traits with the Scandinavian elves – you can reveal their true identity if you get a glimpse of their tail…
Actually these fox spirits are know to have a lot of tails. They live for hundreds of years and for each year they gain a new tail – so if you see one with 7 or 9 tails you better beware.

In modern China they still call a home wrecker or a dangerous woman a Huli Jing.

I always like to create characters when I paint and I wanted the mood in this particular painting to be reminiscent of Twin Peaks and to have a sort of eerie melancholy. I very deliberately made my model more androgynous because I feel that it adds complexity to the story.

En lille Huldra

Fem Femme Fatales Posted on Fri, October 26, 2012 14:17:25

Her er endnu et lille maleri fra den nye serie. Det er inspireret af de skandinaviske myter og sagn om elverpiger, der fanger unge mænd med deres hul i ryggen. I Sverige kaldes de skogsrå, i Norge huldra og man kan sjovt nok avsløre dem hvis man kan få øje på deres hale – et fællestræk som de deler med den kinesiske Huli Jing og den japanske Kitsune…men mere om det i næste opdatering:-)

Here is another small painting from the new series. It is inspired by the Scandinavian myths and legends of fairy women who capture men with their hollow backs. In Sweden they are called the Skogsrå, in Norway the Huldra and you can call them out if you get a glimpse of their tail – a trait which they share with the Chinese Huli Jing and the Japanese Kitsune…but more about that in the next update:-)

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