This Saturday (the 3rd of November) the new exhibition at Galerie Wolfsen opens.
It’s gonna be quite a show with lots of different artist from Denmark and the international art scene.
The show is called ‘High on Lowbrow’ – and if you’re wondering what ‘lowbrow’ means I can explain;

Lowbrow is a term used to describe surrealistic art, so the show itself is actually a celebration of this genre in all it’s wonderful forms.

It’s a two-part show encompassing a solo exhibition of Danish artist

Anja Altenburg Laursen

And a group show consisting of:

Andrea Wany Sergio (Italy)
Thomas Behling (Germany)
Lisa Black (New Zealand)
Joseba Eskubi (Spain)
Hans Henrik Fischer
Leo Demetz (Italy)
Volcano (Germany)
Tor Fruergaard
Klaus Gjørup

Myra Sjöberg

The Opening of the exhibition is as mentioned this Saturday from 11.00am-16.00pm

Here’s a video-teaser from Wolfsen:

Hope to see you all there! And if you can’t attend the opening the show will continue to the 24th of November.

More information at