This is the latest painting in the Femme Fatales series.
It was inspired by the Japanese and Chinese myths of fox spirits known as the Kitsune or the Huli Jing.

They sort of snuck into my mind, because I somehow kept reading about them in different contexts – so when I was trying to assemble different types and takes on the classic femme fatale I felt like they would make an interesting addition.
And as I mentioned in my previous post, they share some traits with the Scandinavian elves – you can reveal their true identity if you get a glimpse of their tail…
Actually these fox spirits are know to have a lot of tails. They live for hundreds of years and for each year they gain a new tail – so if you see one with 7 or 9 tails you better beware.

In modern China they still call a home wrecker or a dangerous woman a Huli Jing.

I always like to create characters when I paint and I wanted the mood in this particular painting to be reminiscent of Twin Peaks and to have a sort of eerie melancholy. I very deliberately made my model more androgynous because I feel that it adds complexity to the story.