At this moment we’re just a few days away from the exhibition in Skagen.
Here´s some information if you would like to attend the opening.
It all starts Friday the 25 of May at Kappelborg, which is the new culture center in Skagen.
Here’s a link with some more information:

The opening will start at 16.00 pm and continue until 18.00 pm

If you are unable to attend – don’t worry, the exhibition will continue all summer until the 15 th of August. And I will post photos off it all, right here on the blog.

I know that the pictures I have previously posted on this blog have been very small, but I’ll try to make up for that now.
In the following days you will be able to see each picture that I post here in a larger size on Flikr. Simply click on the picture on this page and you will be directly transported to a larger version on Flikr. Everyday in this week you will be able to see each picture in a bigger
and better version. I will also write a little piece about each
painting, the inspiration for it and whatever thoughts I might have
about it.
We will start with the main motif for the exhibition: Minerva

Minerva – or Athena as she is known in Greek mythology, is the goddess of wisdom, poetry, crafts, magic and medicine. She is often portrayed with her sacred owl, which is a symbol of her wisdom.
To me she has always been a very strong character. If you see a painting or a sculpture of her, she usually has her armour on. As Athena, she is the protector of Athens ( the Greek capitol which is named after her), and she is the goddess of heroic endeavour. You could say she is a kind of superhero.
I wanted to make a picture of her which addressed the mystical aspects of her divinity. A painting in which we don’t see all of her – because we will never fully comprehend divinity. It is not something which is meant to be understood, it is meant to be felt. In a way you could say that I wanted to capture a feeling. A brief moment outside of time.