What big teeth you have!

She saw how his jaw began to slaver and the room was full of the clamour

of the forest’s Liebestod but the wise child never flinched, even when he


All the better to eat you with.

The girl burst out laughing; she knew she was nobody’s meat.

From the novel; The Company of Wolves by Angela Carter

Angela Carter’s stories inspired a lot of the paintings in the fairytale series. She uses the latent content from traditional fairytales to create new tales filled with desire and sexuality. In her story The Company of Wolves Little Red Riding Hood survives by becoming the equal of the wolf. She faces her fears and embraces the animal within herself. The story ends thus:

She will lay his fearful head on her lap and she will pick out the lice from his pelt and perhaps she will put the lice into her mouth and eat them, as he will bid her, as she would do in a savage marriage ceremony.

The blizzard will die down.

The blizzard died down, leaving the mountains as randomly covered with snow as if a blind woman had thrown a sheet over them, the upper branches of the forest pines limed, creaking, swollen with the fall.

Snowlight, moonlight, a confusion of paw-prints.

All silent, all still.

Midnight; and the clock strikes. It is Christmas Day, the were-wolves’s birthday, the door of the solstice stands wide open; let them all sink through.

See! sweet and sound she sleeps in granny’s bed, between the paws of the tender wolf.

Just as Angela Carter created new stories from the old and gave them all her own personal touch – I have tried to make each story my own. I decided to use people I know personally as models for each of the fairytale characters. I find that this lends a lot of emotion and depth to the paintings. It’s almost as if fantasy and reality meet and merge into something else entirely. I tried to imagine that I met every character somewhere in time and that I was allowed to paint their portrait.

For instance, maybe I meet Pippi on her roadtrip through Europe in the 1920’s and she would model for different artists like Egon Shiele and Klimt for some extra cash. Perhaps she is only 16 years old and she is exploring the world and her own sexuality?

In less than a month’s time I will be showing the entire collection of paintings at Gallery KBHkunst which is situated at Øster Søgade 34 in Copenhagen.

To get to the gallery simply take bus 6A from nørreport station and get off at the stop called Sølvtorvet, from there it’s a five minute walk to Øster Søgade and the gallery.

You can get more information at www. kbhkunst.dk

The opening will take place on the Friday the 30th of September, from 5pm-8pm (17-20).

The last day of the exhibition will be the 30th of October.