When I was about seven or eight years old i fell in love with Peter Pan. He was just the perfect guy – he could teach you how to fly, he would never grow old and he lived in this magical place with pirates and mermaids and Indians.
I slept with my window open every night and searched my room for traces of fairy footprints in the morning.
I wrote letters to him, and hoped that the wind would take them to him, but I guess I never sent them away – maybe because I was afraid that he wouldn’t answer.

I am not ashamed to admit that I still believe in fairies and other impossible things.
Luckily I’ve found myself a real life Peter Pan, my beautiful boyfriend Oscar. It says a lot about him that he didn’t mind posing as Peter Pan. I just couldn’t imagine anyone else portraying him. The painting ended up being a huge watercolour, caught in between the sensual, the playful and the illustrative.